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Recognized as a City of Art and History, Metz is a stunning city to discover as a couple or with family and friends. To enjoy its every facet, reserve your room at our 3-star Kyriad hotels in Moselle. You can get some well-deserved rest in a warm and comfortable setting. Memory foam pillows, parking and an all-you-can-eat buffet are all made available to you.

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Hôtels Augny Kyriad

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Book a comfortable room at our Kyriad hotel in Augny with private parking, restaurant, sauna and meeting rooms. Augny is a French commune located in the Moselle Department, in the Grand Est region. It is an ideal step for visiting Northeast France and including Metz City, becoming famous worldwide s...

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Hôtels Metz Augny Kyriad

Hotels Kyriad
Metz Augny

Kyriad hotels in Metz Augny allow you to enjoy a quality stay in a hotel with all the comforts you need.

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Hôtels Thionville Kyriad

Hotels Kyriad

In Moselle, in Grand Est, Thionville is situated close to Germany and Luxembourg. Baptized the Land of the 3 Frontiers, the Thionvilloise region ideally accommodate your business stays or your family vacation. Settle into our hotels and let us guide you: comfortable rooms with memory foam pillows, b...

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Let yourself go for our Kyriad hotels at Metz. Right at your arrival, our hoteliers welcome you with nothing but smiles and thoughtfulness. You'll discover the one-of-a-kind comfort of our memory foam pillow. Then, to start the day off right, taste the Kyriad difference, and let yourself fall for the freshness of the Frozen Yogurt for breakfast... Two good reasons for you to come back!

Hotel kyriad design enzo metz sud - augny

6.8 km from the city center

Hotel kyriad nancy ouest - laxou zenith

46.1 km from the city center

Hotel kyriad design enzo thionville

27.3 km from the city center

Hotel kyriad metz centre

680 m from the city center

Hotel kyriad direct nancy est - essey

45.6 km from the city center

Hotel kyriad prestige thionville centre

26.4 km from the city center

Hotel kyriad direct metz nord - woippy

3.4 km from the city center

Places of interest around Metz

Find the not to be missed sights of Metz
hôtels kyriad metz cathedrale saint etienne

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne de Metz

From your Kyriad Metz Center hotel , go to the Saint-Etienne de Metz cathedral which is around ten minutes away on foot. From the heights of the Sainte-Croix hill, it seems to dominate the city. Admire its arcades in Jaumont stone, the "stone of the sun", which comes from nearby limestone quarries. With its 6,500m² of stained glass, the cathedral has the largest glass area in France, which earned it the nickname "Lantern of God". It is also one of the tallest cathedrals in France, with a vault that rises to 42 m. The cathedral was built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, from two churches facing each other: a fifth-century sanctuary and a Romanesque basilica of the eleventh century. While it is Gothic in style, it has Roman and Merovingian elements, such as the bishop's throne or the baptismal font. A few damaged stained glass windows were replaced by modern versions by Jacques Villon, Marc Chagall and Roger Bissière. Note also in the choir the bronze, marble and solid oak furniture, recently designed by Swiss designer Mattia Bonetti.
hôtels kyriad metz centre pompidou

Centre Pompidou-Metz

Located just a 10-minuite walk from your Kyriad Metz Center hotel, the Pompidou-Metz center is the excuse to explore the current trends of creation, in an atypical architectural setting. Open since 2010, this is the first decentralization of a national public cultural institution: the Pompidou Center in Paris. The latter exports its know-how and collections in the regions. Now, it's more than 100,000 works of which we speak, one of the two best collections of modern and contemporary art in the world! With temporary exhibitions and a cultural program consisting of conferences, screenings and live shows, the art center wants to create bridges between disciplines in order to arouse the interest of a large audience. Enjoying an unusual architecture imagined by Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines (to whom we also owe the musical Seine of Seguin Island in Boulogne-Billancourt), the exhibition spaces, with large volumes, allow the installation of monumental works and lend themselves to perfectly to the performances that are regularly presented. On leaving, let yourself be tempted by a walk along the Seille, through the gardens Jean-Marie Pelt. Other works await you at the turn of a grove or an alley. A sweet way to close your course.
hôtels kyriad metz jardin botanique

Jardin botanique de Metz

Located on the site of an old private property of more than 4 hectares, Metz Botanical Garden has about one hundred trees, including a few rare species such as a 40 meter high sequoia, planted 140 years ago. From your Kyriad Metz Center hotel, go for a country walk in its tree-lined avenues. Laid out as an English garden (that is to say, the layout is irregular), it contains among other things a bald cypress, ginkgos, and centenarians. Created in 1866, it also hosts a collection of greenhouses. Originating from the 1861 World Fair, their steel frames were raised in the park and contain a multitude of cacti and palm trees. If you prefer the flowers, the scent garden and the rose garden will enchant you. With 80 rosebushes, perennials and climbing plants such as winter jasmine or ornamental kiwi, the subtle blend of fragrances that unfolds will transport you to an olfactory Eden. A few water features with water lilies and aquatic plants will punctuate your journey. Finally, you can relax while taking refreshment in the tea room. A green break that will delight budding botanists and inquisitive walkers.
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What to do in Metz

In 2 days
In 1 week
As a family
Planning a weekend in Metz? Take some time to explore the best of this Lorraine city. Metz Cathedral, Centre Pompidou-Metz, the Museum of Metz, Foch Avenue and the train station are certainly all worth a stop. As you cross things off your itinerary, you'll notice the diversity of the architectural styles. Metz, founded in ancient times, has been shaped in some way by each subsequent period of history, creating a city of unparalleled beauty, to the delight of travelers and history buffs alike. Between attractions, take a seat at one of our Kyriad restaurants to enjoy regional dishes.
If you're staying a full week in Metz, take advantage of the city’s offerings to develop your artistic flair. Close to our 3-star hotels, the Centre Pompidou unveils masterpieces of modern art in an impressive building. You'll also have the opportunity to contemplate temporary exhibitions at the Faux Movement, a contemporary art center. More of a music lover at heart? The City of Music’s list of performances taking place at its venues is simply overflowing. After a day of sightseeing, grab a ticket to a concert. An melodious evening awaits.
Metz lends itself perfectly to a trip with the family. Go for outings in the city's beautiful parks. It’s easy to reach the botanical garden from your Kyriad accommodation. This lush oasis features tropical plants, a greenhouse and a rose path. The Esplanade Garden also offers a nice break in nature. Then take the kids to travel through time at the Porte des Allemands, the medieval remains of the starting point the defensive wall system. After a jam-packed day, your Kyriad restaurant is there to nourish you with tasty cuisine.
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A gourmet stay in Metz

Heading to Metz for the weekend? For a gourmet experience worthy of its name, be sure to try the the queen of local fruits, the mirabelle. The signature fruit of Lorraine is used a thousand ways. Tarts, clafoutis, jams, and many other recipes satisfy the cravings of the whole family. Another star of regional food: quiche lorraine. Indulge in these treats at our Kyriad restaurants, but also at the restaurants specializing in fried delicacies lining the Moselle. A lively atmosphere and sumptuous flavors combine for a tasting experience only Metz can provide.
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Unmissable events in Metz

Events abound on any itinerary in Lorraine. During your stay at our Metz hotels, you will likely have the opportunity to join some festivities. If you’re passing through in May, the Passages festival is for you. You can attend all kinds of shows. In the summer, the Mirabelle Festival attracts the foodies, while art lovers will prefer Metz Ondes (music and digital art) and Hop Hop Hop (live outdoor entertainment). Winter is brightened up by a truly magical event, the Montgolfiades. Here, Europe’s most beautiful hot air balloons come together in a poetic ballet in the sky.
Le Saviez-vous hôtels Kyriad

Interesting facts about Metz

In Metz, you will certainly come across references to one of the most famous 19th century poets, Paul Verlaine. His hometown pays tribute to his memory by opening the doors of his house at 2, Haute-Pierre Street. In his moments of worry or doubt, Verlaine sought refuge here. Book your room at one of our Metz hotels and travel through time to discover his life and work. Poetry contests, exhibitions, readings, are more are organized throughout the year.